I design thoughtful
and easy-to-use
digital experiences

Digital Strategies

I’m an Istanbul based user experience, interface and interaction designer with 12+ years of experience. I’ve participated in many projects in well-established companies such as Vodafone, beIN MEDIA Group, Starbucks, Betek, GlaxoSmithKline, Castrol and Opet.

Data & Competitive Analysys



User Experience Design

User Interface Design

Interaction Design

Things i've made

  • Filli Boya Mimar Benim

    Mobile App / UX / UI
  • Hairnow

    Mobile App / UX / UI
  • HeyTaksi

    Mobile App / UX / UI
  • HeyTaksi

    Watch / UI
  • Starbucks Yazı Yudumla

    Mobile Game / Art Direction / Design / UI
  • Bigpara - Hürriyet Finans

    Mobile App / Redesign / UX / UI
  • GlaxoSmithKline - GSK TV

    Web / UI
  • Cloutech

    Web / UX / UI
  • Aktif Bank Private Banking

    Web / Redesign / UX / UI


    Here is the list of client projects that i have took place in.

    Awards and Certificates

    Cannes Lions 2015

    Media Grand Prix

    Vodafone Red Light App

    Google Analytics

    Individual Qualification

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